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Cards: The Package Manager
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Cards: The Package Manager
Extremely slow download speed
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Re: Shutdown issues
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Re: Wireguard Package Request
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Shutdown issues
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Re: Wireguard Package Request [SOLVED]

Fri Mar 8 15:47:01 2024 UTC


NuTyX licenses

NuTyX is built using various licenses

The packages used in NuTyX

As NuTyX is a GNU/linux distribution, it contains software written by a large number of developers around the world. Therefore many packages will have different licenses chosen by their authors. To know the type of license used, please consult the source code of the package concerned.

The Scripts

Scripts that come from the project Linux From Scratch are licensed under Creative Commons License 2.0. Some of these scripts have been adjusted for the needs of NuTyX by the Founder Thierry Nuttens.

The Installer (MINI iso)

The installer is built from scratch by The Founder Thierry Nuttens and is licensed under the GPL

Contact for support

You can also follow us either on

If you want to contact me, don't hesitate to send me an email: tnut AT nutyx DOT org

The Team

We have a team of commendable and dedicated people who spend much of their free time keeping this project alive. You are welcome to contact them with any questions. They will be pleased to give you answers.


Spiky packager for various packages. His experience with Linux From Scratch documentation is highly appreciated.


Guth (guth at nutyx dot org) is a very qualified and private man, but without him the server would not exist. We in the team are indebted to his awesome work. Thanks again Guth for your excellent and continued support.


Tnut is the Founder of NuTyX. He oversees the entire project with the help of many respected contributors. This intensive task includes managing the website, building the required base and Xorg packages, assembling the initrd and the installation script, managing the compiler servers and so on.

NuTyX Honorary List of Former Contributors

Thanks again to all of you who previously supported NuTyX in various genres. Your past skills will always remain greatly appreciated:

Pierre was the packager of the kde5 and kde5-extra collections. Pierre also helps with some other packages from various collections. He was a long time an active contributor, the CARDS package manager have been modify to never forget his name. A new attribute call "Contributors" has been added.

Schrodinger72 packager for various packages.

Rémy packager for various packages.

Miyo was a NuTyX ISO producer.

Artemia Flcards graphical interface of CARDS developer's.

Sipo packager for various packages, like the LXQt git packages.

Hugo Responsible for the bot server used for the development version of NuTyX.

Guy Very important and valuable advice and participate on the ISO development.

Jayce Gnome collection packager.

Harold Translation of the ISO installeur in many languages

Sh4dOw packager of the enlightenment and enlightenment-extra collections.

Peter Peter(1000) has collaborated on cards , the package manager of NuTyX.

Alienus (fredg) packager for various packages, works on the forum and on the web site.

Berlius initiator of the arm proc portage of NuTyX and packager for various packages.

Timcowchip packager for various packages.

John English editor of NuTyX.

Jmilot packager for various packages.

Fanch packager for various packages.

Piernov packager for various packages, also works on the startup scripts, the forum and on the web site.

Geantbrun openbox packager.

Manu gnome, razor-qt packager.

Tyrry xfce, artwork on nice wallpapers.

Blacksad artwork on the logo, themes and nice wallpapers.

Cobex services packager like apache, php, ftp, etc. Twitter initiator.

Skingrapher packager of various packages.

Skippy packager of various packages.

Eko2291 packager of various packages.

Olivier D. packager of various packages.

Arnaud F. packager of various packages and works on the web site. Has also developed a graphical package manager based on Qt4.

tux03 packager of various packages.

Fredjo gnome packager.

Cabaflo kde3 packager.