On the 2015-03-16

New 32bits and 64 bits iso available

I'm pleased to make available new 32 bits and 64 bits ISO. Click on following down-loadable links: In 64 bits and in 32 bits

The installer is made even more simple. From now on if you pre-configure and format the destination partition before launching the installer, the CD ask no questions and the installation will start immediatlywithin 15 seconds max.

Openssh service is available from the moment you have installed the base. It means you can connect from a terminal from the host machine if you did an installation in virtualbox (with the network configured as bridge). Also very usefull if you have two PC's on the network.

Wifi should works again after xcfe4 / kde installation.

About the package:

  • kernel 3.19.1-NuTyX
  • initrd 3.19.1-NuTyX
  • glibc 2.21
  • gcc 4.9.2
  • binutils 2.25
  • cards
  • curl 7.41.0
  • openssh 6.7p1
  • openssl 1.0.2
  • New commands:

    cards files 
    list the file(s) of the package.
    cards query 
    list owner(s) of file(s) matching the query
    cards install 
    Can install a file if available on the pc. The file must be a valid downloaded package. The name is irrelevant, cards will check it before install it.
    cards install -f <paquet> | <file>
    Force installation in case of duplicate files

    Final reminder:.

    The Commands:

    cards sync -i
    cards list -i
    cards info -i 
    cards diff -b
    are now more streamlined and become:
    cards sync
    cards list
    cards info 
    cards diff

    The help Menu has been completely re written