On the 2015-04-18

cards 0.10.90 available

The cards tool has been completely re-worked. The synchronisation now takes a few seconds. The separation between binaries and ports is a lot clearer.

News commands added:

cards purge
flush old binaries and other obsolets files.
cards help 
provide an help about cards.
cards depcreate
Compile a port and its d├ępendencies in the right order. Similar to the prt-get and depinst commands.

Additional man command: man cards and man cards.conf

Note: Following commands altered:

cards sync -i
cards list -i
cards info -i 
cards diff -b
Are now more streamlined and becomes:
cards sync
cards list
cards info 
cards diff

Updated the documentation on the site

Articles What's a port, How to build a package, Produce a customised ISO are review.

New kernels

A new kernel is now available, we have migrated to the improved and more stable version 3.19.4, thus removing all problematic incidences.

A new long term support kernel 3.18 is also available. It can be installed in parallel on the standard kernel. It has just two links to adjust in the boot folder. (initrd and kernel).

Next ISO

The openssh service will not be implemented in the ISO anymore for security reasons. Hackers could connect remotely if the password was too weak. Even more so when the router is not doing it's firewall job.

We have a new article explaining how to create easilly your own ISO for distribution.

The installation script install-saravane is once again available

install-saravane is working again. Be aware there are no kernel installed. It checks the minimum requirements: uptodate bash, gawk and wget.

Halting prt-get / pkgutils support

Support of cards and prt-get/pkgutils in parallel has been halted permanently. The ports of crux are compatible with cards but not the other way around. Under NuTyX, we keep the doc, we keep man pages devel in separates sub packages. If we use the ports of NuTyX with pkgutils, we quickly end up with big packages (kernel for ex ) and then the DB of pkgutils get saturated which make pkgutils very slow.

The other problem encountered was that the pre-install an post-install are not names similar under cards and pkgutils, under pkgutils, they are named pre-install and post-install. Under cards, they are named <name_of_the_package>.pre-install or <name_of_the_package>.post-install.

News sections

Section system becomes base

Section server becomes console

Section desktop stays desktop