On the 2015-05-15

NuTyX Saravane 15.05 includes cards 1.0

Introduction for the impatient

After seven months of intensive programming, I am proud to announce the release of NuTyX Saravane 15.05, which replaces the previous Saravane 14.11 release. Below is a summary of the new features:

For full update packages, you can visit:https://github.com/NuTyX/saravane/commits/master.


If the dedicated partitioning attributes was finalized prior to installation, then you will simply only need to choose “install” from the main menu.

The installation of the boot process has also been simplified: If you prefer to install the GRUB BEFORE installing NuTyX, you are still able to choose a NuTyX destination partition after setting up GRUB. If you prefer to install NuTyX immediately and install GRUB later at the end, GRUB will be automatically installed on your NuTyX partition.

The kernel used is a 3.19.6. An LTS (Long term support) release is also available in Version 3.18.12.

The ISO is now 100% translated in the following languages: Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Norwegian and Swedish.

The file system jfs has also been included as a possible choice. Although endorsed by Red-Hat, jfs may run into copyright issues later on, as it was created by IBM. For performance, there is btrfs, for stability and control there is xfs.

If you want to install NuTyX on a partition formatted with btrfs (dev/sda2 for exemple), you must create another partition for grub (/dev/sda1 for exemple). For more clarity /dev/sda1 will be formatted as ext2, and house GRUB. While /dev/sda2 will be formatted as btrfs and house your NuTyX.

The installation script

It is now very easy and possible to install NuTyX from any distribution. The past problems with the BASH interpreter has now been resolved.

Two variables are good to know:


The LFS variable give the possibility to choose a destination folder. Once defined and "exported", the installation command gets simple as:

bash install-saravane

The URL allows you to define a personal mirror. Once the installation is finish, the cards command will continue to use this mirror.

The web site

All articles have been updated for the new functionalities of the package manager cards 1.0.

The article on "building a package" has been completely reviewed. It explains in detail what's a scenario under NuTyX, what's a collection, the dependencies for compilation, the configuration for each scenario, etc.

An article about "configuring a firewall" has been written by a user of NuTyX, sh4d0w I warmly thank him. I encourage all users to provide and submit their own. If your article is complete and correct, it will be added to our site.

The source code of Saravane is available on github.com/NuTyX, as well a bug tracker.

You can find all of my work on NuTyX at: https://github.com/NuTyX, you will find the source code of the following list: cards, ports collection base, console and desktop of Saravane, the scripts, the pass 1 and 2 for the NuTyX construction, the files structure that constitutes the basic system NuTyX (the package aaabasicfs), the initrd, the installer and all the html pages from the web site. There are also ports from the collection "extra".

It is very easy now to monitor NuTyX, you can instantly submit your wishes and bugs on github platform.

The cards package manager is finaly release in 1.0 version

In its final version, cards is now even faster and easier to use. The most common commands have been simplified:

To synchronise information with the default mirror:

cards sync

To know the installed packages:

cards list

For details of an installed package:

cards info <name_of_my_package>

To check the obsolete list of installed packages:

cards diff

For detail of the cards command:

man cards

Some new cards commands:

cards query
cards files
cards help
cards purge
cards depcreate

As for the packager, new variables have been added:


Default value:


Define the locales that we want to keep in the binary, example: PKGMK_LOCALES=(fr nl) will conserve the french and italians locales (if they were available at compile time) in the sub packages <name_package>.fr and <name_package>.it.


Default value:


If set as "no", the file .PKGREPO of the collection (means the name of the parent folder of your package) will be regenerated. This file is needed if you wish to installed some packages outside of your chroot.