On the 2015-10-15

NuTyX houaphan 8.0 available with cards 1.3.3

Introduction for the impatient

Eleven months after the Saravane 14.11 version release and five months after the release of the 15.05 Saravane, I am proud to announce the release of NuTyX. His code name is Houaphan. The first version available is in 8.0. Why that number? Time passes very quickly, Houaphan is already the 8th major release since the first public version of NuTyX ie in 2007. The following summarizes several new packages:

It has to be noted that all available graphic interfaces are accessible from the versatile connection manager lxdm, so remember to add it (and xorg) in your packages list whatever interface you choose to install.

An example of an installation with all the availables packages of gnome will therefore look like:

get xorg gnome gnome-extra lxdm
[Important]Even if the gdm package is include in the gnome collection, it not possible to connect yourself via it. But it has to be installed to make gnome working properly..

To install the xfce graphical interface, we will simply replace gnome with xfce4.

get xorg xfce4 xfce4-extra lxdm

Remember to create at least one user with the command:


And finaly reboot your machine before trying anything else (it's the easiest way).

The news graphical interfaces

With houaphan version, graphical interfaces kde5, gnome, mate, lxde, lxqt are now also available.

The new 1.3.x cards features

Cards in 1.3.3 version can install one or more packages, one or more collections, or a mixture of packages and collections. If a package and a collection have the same name, it will be the package (and its dependencies) that will be installed.

You don't have to specify the architecture of your machine in the cards configuration file. In addition, the URL specifying the download mirror is now made simple.

In a package research now also shows the result of the collection or package (s) found (s).

The new configuration format is now easier as shown in the example below:

dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/gui|http://downloads.nutyx.org
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/xfce4-extra|http://downloads.nutyx.org
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/xfce4|http://downloads.nutyx.org
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/cli|http://downloads.nutyx.org
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/base|http://downloads.nutyx.org
base /var/lib/pkg/depot/base
base /var/lib/pkg/depot/base-extra
locale fr

The difference between a <nnn> collection and a <nnn-extra> collection

There is a difference between, for example, the collection 'cli' and 'cli-extra': The ports and binary in the collection 'cli' are almost frozen in their version at the time of the release of NuTyX version, while ports and binary collections -extra can be updated at any time.

This technique isolates the 'central system' (ie collections 'base', 'cli' and 'gui') updates that may be on the "peripheral" applications contained in -extra collections.

Therefore, applications found in the 'base-extra' , 'cli-extra' or 'gui-extra' collections are completely independent from the 'central system', technically it means no dependence of the central system 'must s find there.

The new installation script

The bash script install-houaphan works now as a real application. It has the following options:

  • Intall NuTyX in a folder
    bash install-houaphan -p /mnt/lfs

    The script will analyse the contents of the /etc/install-houphan.conf if it exist and contains the following define variables, they are at the moment 4 configurables variables: the installation path define by the LFS variable, the url adress of the mirror where are the binaries located via the URL variable, the version to installed (8.0 or current) define by the VERSION variable and finaly the local path of the downloaded binaries define by the DEPOT variable. Here is a summary example of the /etc/install-houphan.conf file:

  • At the moment the VERSION variable can have 2 values: "current" ou "8.0" which is, by the way the one by default.

  • Using the configuration files located in the /etc/install-houphan.conf.d/ folder when NuTyX is installed, here is the list:


    .bashrc/root/.bashrc and /home/<username>/.bashrc
    .bash_profile/root/.bash_profile and /home/<username>/.bash_profile

  • Only installing the configuration files, need in case you want to build NuTyX from scratch:
    bash install-houaphan -ic
  • The enter-chroot script is now obsolete, to enter a chroot, we use the -ec option
    bash install-houaphan -ec
  • Print the version of the script, the version will also specify which branch will be used for the installation:
    bash install-houaphan -v
  • Print a help of the script
    bash install-houaphan -h
  • The github website and the different projects

    You can find all the recipes, the installer code, the site, the documentation on the website github.

    The construction of NuTyX

    The construction method is now based on sources available at https://github.com/NuTyX/houaphan.

    The NuTyX construction thus follows the commits on the current branch of houaphan.

    To ensure the disponibily of the sources of all the packages need for a basic system, they are now available at http://downloads.nutyx.org/current/sources sources.

    The renaming of some packages

    Over time, many packages (especially libraries) offers several versions of the same installable package sets (qt, gtk, etc.) some time we must be consistent in the names of thoseslibraries.

    The 32 bits version

    For this new version of NuTyX, the 32-bit version is proposed as a base system, the user may wish to compile himself packages that he wants to use.