On the 2016-07-10

NuTyX 8.2-beta available with cards 2.1.83

What's news

A first ISO is available for downlaoding in 64 bits. This first version contais an almost complete catalogue of packages. About 30 ports need to be reviews.

cards is now able to delete a complete collections in one command.

All the collections are availables. The lxde and lxde-extra collections are now integrated into the gui and gui-extra standards collections.

All the packages are recompiled against the gcc 6.1 compiler to assure a maximum stability of the all system.

The installation and configuration tools will report all the user's actions to the system log and to /var/log/install.log file.

You can consult the changelog to get an idea of all the changes since.

Installation script

The bash install-nutyx-8.2-beta-1 script is able to install 8.2-beta NuTyX from your stable 8.1 NuTyX or from any other distribution.