On 2016-07-24

NuTyX 8.2-beta-2 available with cards 2.1.84

Thoses two weeks have been very efficient for the future 8.2 release.

Two new 64bits ISO are available for this new version. The first (1000MB) is a installable kde5 kf5 5.24.0 version and the second one (220MB) is a standard MINI ISO.

Check the MD5 sum before transfer on USB stick, CD-RW or DVD-RW media.

The installer

All your actions are now recorded in the /var/log/install file.

Once NuTyX installed on your harddisk, the installer will ask you to create a new user. You need to modify the default user and Description fields value to proceed.

News about NuTyX

The nu command have been retired and been replaced by the setup-nutyx -cu command. An alias is created in the configuration file to be able to keep the tiny nu command available:

alias nu='sudo setup-nutyx -cu'

The root account is not activate by default. Means you use your own account created at installation time.To activate the root account, you just need to use the setup-nutyx -cu command, enter root as new user and spécify a new password. You're done, root account is actif

All the packages are recompiled against the gcc 6.1 compiler to assure a maximum stability of the all system.

The /etc/inittab file is now responsible for the lxdm service start. With this method. it will be automatically restart if a failure in the first attempt.

All the collections are availables. The lxde and lxde-extra collections are now integrated into the gui and gui-extra standards collections.

You can consult the changelog to get an idea of all the changes since

Cards 2.1.84

Two new scripts are added build-port and build-collection, they allow to build respectively a set of ports and a whole collection. You can find more info on the cards project.

cards is now able to delete a complete collections, a group of packages in one command.

cards store the collection, the group and the family of the package in the database of the installed packages. With this extra information, it's now possible to have a more filtered info on the result of the cards list commands for example.

The Installation script

The bash install-nutyx-8.2-beta-2 script is able to install 8.2-beta-2 NuTyX from your stable 8.1 NuTyX or from any other distribution.

The nutyx.org website

Hazel Russman has review all the english pages. The english version of the documentation is now much more complete.

A new page explains how to use the enter-nutyx script (will be renammed in build-collection). This topic is mainy usefull for the packagers.


Hazel Russman for the huge translation work in a such short time. Impressive.

Pierre for the great job done on kde5. NuTyX is able to propose a working, up to date, stable and very fast version of kde5.

For all yours feedback you've send on irc, google+, various forums and github, thoses have help me to improve the quality of NuTyX

And now

If everything goes as it should be, this beta version should be the last one before the first RC available in the middle of august some time.