On 2016-10-02

NuTyX 8.2 available with cards 2.1.94

The NuTyX team is please to annonce the final release of NuTyX 8.2

New Isos are available. The size is 217M for the 64 bits version and 212M for the 32 bits version.

Main Updated Package list

News for the user


The boot of the installer is changed. It is possible to choose a debug mode.

The installer use a new initrd. As a result, the size of the ISO is about 20 MB less.

The actions order to do for installing NuTyX is following the logic of a typical installation sequence.

It's possible to erase an already installed NuTyX and then directly replace it with a 8.2 version.

The choice of filesystems is now recommended.

If a swap partition is created with the partition tool or already existing, it will be activate immediatly in the installation. No further action is needed.

The installation, the configuration of NuTyX , add and remove of packages are tracks into a log file. The file is located at /var/log/install.log.

Once NuTyX 8.2 is installed, the installer asky you to create a new user. You will connect with this new user. The root account is not activated automatically anymore.

If you want to activate the root account anyway, you can use the command:


and choose root as username.

If your machine is buildin with a wireless cards supported by NuTyX, the installer will ask you to choose the access point you want to connect to (ESSID). If they are no access point available at that time you can still enter manualy the name of the network (ESSID).

And finally the installer will ask you if you want to activate the automatic updates.

Configuration of grub

If you did choose btrfs or ext4 as file system, you can get rid of the inirtd, and then spare a few seconds at the boot of your machine:

A typical grub.cfg file would be:

menuentry "8.2 64bits on sda6" {
   set root=(hd0,6)
   linux /boot/kernel root=/dev/sda6 ro quiet

Various NuTyX tools

The install-nutyx script is integrated into the nutyx 8.2 package. It's no need to download it anymore, you can find it in the /sbin/. directory.

The setup-nutyx script is now proposing news options for the configuration of your NuTyX:

To create a new user:

setup-nutyx -cu

To activate/deactivate automatic updates:

setup-nutyx -cU

To configure the wireless network:

setup-nutyx -cw

The nutyx.org website

The new website is in place. It's powered by cards as well. In the near future, we will implement a search tool for getting information about articles and packages on the website .

Cards 2.1.94

Cards is able to delete a all collection, a suite of packages or a group of packages. The name of the collection is stored in the database and is printed out when a request of information about a package is issue.

Cards is able to use alias in the names of installed packages. If an alias exist, for example, the package xorg-mesa, you can use one of it's alias when asking for infomation:

cards info mesa
Retrieve info about the 483 packages: 100 %
Name           : xorg-mesa
Alias          : Mesa Mesa3D mesa mesa3 mesa3d 
Description    : Mesa is an OpenGL compatible 3D graphics library.
Series(base)   : xorg
Group          : 
Collection     : gui
URL            : http://www.xorg-mesa3d.org
Maintainer(s)  : none
Packager(s)    : pierre at nutyx dot org, tnut at nutyx dot org
Version        : 12.0.1
Release        : 1
Build date     : Tue Aug 23 15:17:12 2016
Installed date : Wed Sep 28 22:55:03 2016
Installed Size : 37.59 Mbytes
Number of Files: 65 file(s)
Arch           : x86_64


Thanks to Pierre for it's incredible work done on kde5 packages.

Thanks to all of you for your feedbacks which have permit to improved the quality of this new NuTyX 8.2 .