Latest news 2017-01-10

NuTyX 8.2.93 available with cards 2.1.105

The NuTyX team is please to annonce the development release 8.2.93 of NuTyX.

More then 1500 commits since version 8.2.

New Isos are available in 32 and 64 bits There sizes are respectively about 220 MB and 225 MB.

The available graphical interface are : kde5, gnome, mate, xfce4, lxde, flwm, twm, jwm, blackbox, openbox, ratpoison.

Third development version for the next stable version of NuTyX 8.3 planned to be release for beginning of March.

The installeur

The wireless post-configuration have been improved. The ESSID bug is corrected. A composite name as ESSID is now possible.

The initrd is not needed anymore, means it will not be copied during the installation. The initrd line is now commented in the grub.cfg file.

Cards 2.1.105

Cards shows more results when searching for packages. If the found package is already install, it will be printed in green in the result. From now on, it also search into alias and groups properties.

Python 3 is from now on the default version

The Python version is now 3.6.0.

Time for the NuTyX team to rename the python in python2 and python3 en python ports.

All the packages that use Python (version 2 or 3) are recompiled.

The default Qt version is now 5.8-rc

Qt is now splitted as recommended by upstream developper's team.

KDE 5 need only a part of Qt.

All the packages depending on some Qt modules (version 5) or Qt4 are recompiled.

Others packages names changes

xorg-mesa is now mesa

fltk1 is now fltk

Main Updated Package List


Even if I repeat myself, thanks to Pierre for his big engagement in the distribution and for his huge work on kde5.