Latest news 2017-08-14

NuTyX 9.0.93 available with cards 2.3.93

The NuTyX team is please to annonce the 9.0.93 release of NuTyX.

NuTyX 9.0.93 comes with kernel 4.12.7, kernel lts 4.9.43, glibc 2.26, gcc 7.2.0, binutils 2.29, python 3.6.2, xorg-server 1.19.3, qt 5.9.1, mate 1.18.0, xfce4 4.12.3, firefox 55.0.1, etc....

More then 4000 commits since the 9.0 version.

A new 64 bits iso is available. It's size is 246 MB and available at

Since all the collections are in compilation progress, they are no graphical interface availables yet.

Major update of NuTyX

This new version is the result of more then 4 month of work. Updating from 9.0 version is maybe possible, but risky. NuTyX recomnmand you to make a new installation.

ISOs news

This iso can works in live mode, means that if you have enough RAM, it won't be necessary to install NuTyX, you can try it out entirely in RAM.

The USB key can then be disconnected and then make the single USB port available free. Usefull when you want to install NuTyX on tablets having one single USB port.

Main components of the toolchain are now up to date.

Main components of the toolchain that are kernel-header, compiler, linker, assembler and C library are now up to date. Respective version of each element are availables in the list below.

Number of officials collections is now 11 collections:

Renaming and Splitting

Renaming of gstreamer1 en gstreamer and others packages that depends on had big impacts on all the packages. As a result, the NuTyX team decides to recompile ALL the packages for this new version.

Cards 2.3.93

Many improvements done on the building of packages possibilities.

In In tribute to Pierre who left us a few weeks ago, Cards now displays the names of all contributors. His name will never be forgotten in the team. Cards search is also looking the name of the packager. Cards can install a package, a collection, a file or a mix of all three. It can also remove a family of packages means a set of packages that start with a common name. If the found package is already install, it will be printed in green in the result. New generic post-install are now automaticaly generated when needed A new web site is covering the complete documentation of cards:

The YouTube channel

The new Youtube channel will contains various tutorials reflecting the ones on the website (in french). It will be open on September 30th, 2017. It will complete the existing availables tutorials and the one of the website.

Main Updated Packages List of NuTyX 9.0.93


I regret to announce the disappearance of a very important member of the NuTyX project. Pierre's family informed me some time ago of his death on Friday, June 30, 2017. Pierre was a NuTyX contributor for almost 9 years. He is the author of many NuTyX packages such as KDE, Firefox, Libreoffice, thunderbird, etc.

I can not thank you enough for your contributions to the development of NuTyX.

Thanks to Greg for his works on collections.

Thanks to Harold for his work in progress on translation of the ISO in many languages.

And of course a big thanks to the "Linux From Scratch" team for the big help in building the new toolchain.