Last news 2017-09-03

NuTyX 9.0.94 available with cards

The NuTyX team is please to annonce the 9.0.94 release of NuTyX.

NuTyX 9.0.94 comes with kernel 4.12.7, kernel lts 4.9.43, glibc 2.26, gcc 7.2.0, binutils 2.29, python 3.6.2, xorg-server 1.19.3, qt 5.9.1, mate 1.18.0, xfce4 4.12.3, firefox 55.0.3, gnome-shell 3.24.3, plasma 5.10.5, KDE Framework 5.37.0, etc.

More then 4000 commits since the 9.0 version.

Major update of NuTyX

This new version is the result of more then 4 month of work. Updating from 9.0 version is maybe possible, but risky. NuTyX recomnmand you to make a new installation.

ISOs news

This iso can works in live mode, means that if you have enough RAM, it won't be necessary to install NuTyX, you can try it out entirely in RAM.

The USB key can then be disconnected and then make the single USB port available free. Usefull when you want to install NuTyX on tablets having one single USB port.

Main components of the toolchain are now up to date.

Main components of the toolchain that are kernel-header, compiler, linker, assembler and C library are now up to date. Respective version of each element are availables in the list below.

Number of officials collections is now back to 13 collections: :

Main Updated Packages List of NuTyX 9.0.94


Thanks to Greg for his works on collections..

Thanks to Jayce for his work on gnome and mate.

Thanks to "Linux From Scratch" team for the 8.1 release of LFS and BLFS.