Latest news 2017-11-14

NuTyX 9.91 available with cards 2.3.101

The NuTyX team is please to annonce the 9.91 release of NuTyX.

NuTyX 9.91 comes with kernel LTS 4.14.0, kernel LTS 4.9.61, glibc 2.26, gcc 7.2.0, binutils 2.29.1, python 3.6.0, xorg-server 1.19.5, qt 5.9.2, KDE plasma 5.11.3, KDE Framework 5.39.0, gnome 3.24.2, mate 1.18.0, xfce4 4.12.4, firefox 56.0.2, etc...

If we take in consideration all the GIT projects, we did more then 5000 commits on the development branch since the 9.1 version.

For users:

- Four ISO:

News Isos are available in 64 bits.

If your computer have enought RAM, you can give a try in LIVE mode for all four images.

The traditionnal MINI ISO MINI containing a base system.

A bigger ISO in size containing the base system and Xorg is also available.

The size are respectivly are approx. 260 MB and 540 MB available at:

Both images are available with the 4.14.0 LTS kernel and 4.9.61 LTS kernel.

The stable version of NuTyX will propose the new 4.14.0 LTS kernel or the 4.9.61 LTS depending of the users feedbacks.

- flcards: The new graphical packages manager

No need to use the command line for searching, installing or removing packages.

A GUI is now available for all thoses tasks.

The ISO containing the Xorg graphical server is coming with the flcards package manager so it'spossible to make the post-installation in graphical mode

Flcards is using administrator rights without password.

If you're agains this rule, get rid of the flcards package and uses the CLI or edit the /etc/sudoers to your fit.

- xorg-app, xorg-font, xorg-proto and xorg packages are now splitted

All the Xorg packages are now in separated package.

To launch the graphical server, after loggin with your username type:


- 17 available collections

- New LXQt Graphical user interface

The LXQt graphical interface is now available as well in binaries and then can be installed via the command:

get lxqt lxqt-extra

- Cards new functionalities

The package manager is now taking care of most of the post-installation automatically. As a result, installation of a big set is now even more fast.

- New Branchs concept

The next stable version of NuTyX will use 3 differents versions to match every users needs.

The "stable" and "current" brannchs have a "limited lifetime" corresponding to the lifetime of the stable version of NuTyX at that time.

For contributors:

- install-nutyx Script new functionnalities

The script is able to install a 32 bits NuTyX into a 64 bits host machine.

It's possible to pass the branch to installed via argument.

- build-collection script new functionnalities

The script is now autonomus, it's just need to specify the path of the GIT project in the /etc/fstab file.

The other 3 mounting points use defaults directories if not specified via available variables or via /etc/fstab file.

- Recept news fonctionnalities:

The 'release' variable is optionnal

If the recept of a package is new, it's not needed to specify the release variable. It will be set automatiquement to '1'.

Only if you need to rebuild the package set it to whaterver you want, probably '2'


The 'build' variable and 'build()' function

If the 'build' variable is properly set, it will automatically set the content of the build() function

Possible values are:

If the 'build()' function and the build variable are empty, it will be the default build() function apply to the package.

The 'uptodate' function

The 'uptodate' function can be used by the pkgmk script

It is call up via the '-itd' option of pkgmk script.

This function (if existing and properly set) is checking the upstream source. If the version of the recept is obsolet, it will be printed out. h4>Services installation

The service installation is now done via the following code:

Example of the 'sshd' service

build() {
cd ${name}-$version
./configure --prefix=/usr \
# Service
cd $SRC/nutyx-${nutyx_version}
make DESTDIR=$PKG install-sshd

The run_<nom_de_groupe> variable

It is now possible to specify specific dependencies for a sub package.

Example of depencies for the 'devel' sub-package:

run_devel=(glib.devel gtk3.devel)

Obsolets post-intallations

The 'generic' post-installation are now done automaticaly by the package manager directy at the end of the installation transaction.

It's no need to specify them in the ports.

- News names for the GIT projects

The organisation of the collections are now form 13 to 17.

The hierarchie have been change as well:


- New collection for the nonfree packages

The 'nonfree' collection is now in the GIT nonfree

For creators:

- Creating an customised ISO

All the commands are now includes.

- Creating a customised NuTyX

The tutorial is more completed.


I wish to tanks my team. It's a great fun to works with you guys.

Thanks a lot for your contribution.