Latest news 2019-07-01

NuTyX 11.1 available with cards 2.4.98

I'm very pleased to announce the new NuTyX 11.1 release.

This new version contains more than 1000 packages upgraded.

A 32 bit version of NuTyX 11.1 is now available as well.

The base of NuTyX comes with the new kernel LTS 4.19.56 (4.9.183 for the 32 bits version) and the very new kernel 5.1.15 (in 64 bits only).

The gnu compiler collection, gcc, is now gcc 9.1.0.

The graphical server is now xorg-server 1.20.5, the mesa lib is 18.3.6, gtk3 is 3.24.9 and qt has been updated to 5.12.4.

Python 3.7.3 and 2.7.16 have been included in this release.

The MATE Desktop Environment comes in 1.22.1, the latest version.

The KDE Plasma Desktop is now 5.16.2, the Framework is now 5.59.0 and applications are now 19.04.2

The firefox browser has been updated to 67.0.4 and the chromium browser is updated to 74.0.3729.169 (build by the archlinux team and only in 64 bits)

Many desktop applications have been updated as well like thunderbird 60.7.2, Scribus 1.5.5, libreoffice, gimp 2.10.12, etc.

4 news ISOs are available.

ISOs are available on the download page.


CARDS is now able to track obsolete packages. A package is obsolete when it's not available anymore on the remote server. Such a package is deleted automatically from your local installation if installed.

Upgrade process

Since this is a minor release, an upgrade is possible.

For a successfull upgrade, the 'cards' package needs to be updated first.

Please use following commands to proceed:

We then update cards first:
up cards
We can now finish the upgrade process:
sudo cards upgrade