Latest news 2019-10-15

NuTyX 11.2 available with cards 2.4.103

I'm very pleased to announce the new NuTyX 11.2 release.

The 64-bit version contains more than 2800 packages upgraded.

The 32-bit version of NuTyX, still actively supported contains more then 1800 packages upgraded.

In the newest release, base NuTyX comes with the Long-Term Support (LTS) kernel 4.19.79 (4.9.196 for the 32-bit version).

For 64-bit systems,the kernel release 5.3.6 is also available.

Changelogs for the kernels are available here: kernel 4.19.79 changlog kernel 5.3.6 changelog

The gnu compiler collection, gcc, is now gcc 9.2.0.

The graphical server is xorg-server 1.20.5.

The mesa lib is 19.2.1, gtk3 is 3.24.12, and qt has been updated to 5.13.1.

Python interpreters 3.7.4 and 2.7.16 have been included in this release.

The MATE Desktop Environment comes in 1.22.2, the latest version.

The KDE Plasma Desktop is now 5.16.5, the Framework is now 5.62.0 and applications are now 19.08.2

Available browsers are: firefox 69.0.3, falkon 3.1.0, epiphany 3.34.0, etc

Many desktop applications have been updated as well like thunderbird 68.2.1, Scribus 1.5.5, libreoffice, gimp 2.10.12, etc.

4 news ISOs are available.

ISOs are available on the download page.


The six official collections

The number of official collections is now 6:

All the supported desktops graphical interface under NuTyX are in the desktops collection.

Collections nos, lxde, mate, kde5, lxqt, gnome and xfce4 will be removed from the mirrors servers.

It is therefore important to update manually the configuration file /etc/cards.conf as explained below. A successful update can not be done without this manipulation.

A set of packages

The concept of "set of packages" is introduced. A packages set adds important functionality such as a graphical desktop. Henceforth, the main desktops (kde5, xfce4, mate, etc..) are considered as sets of packages.

To install a supported desktop under NuTyX, the command remains the same, example for kde5 (Plasma5):

get kde5

New recipe syntax

The syntax of a recipe has been revised. Following a very relevant bug return, I decided to stop keyword support via a comment in a package build recipe. The definition of a recipe is therefore only via variables and tables. Comments are now considered comments only. The large number of updates is largely the consequence of this new feature.

Recipe example using the new syntax:

description="My first package with plenty of  dependancies"

packager="fpr "

# Compilation dependencies table
makedepends=(python gtk3 librsvg)

# Runtime dependencies table

# Set of packages table
set=(mate gnome)

build() {
   cd $name-$version
   ./configure --prefix=/usr
   make DESTDIR=$PKG install

Upgrade process

Since this is a minor release, an upgrade is possible.

Please use following commands to proceed:

We start by creating a new /etc/cards.conf file:

sudo bash
echo "url" > /etc/cards.conf
for i in desktops gui-extra gui cli-extra cli base
   echo "dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/$i" >> /etc/cards.conf
echo "base /var/lib/pkg/depot/base
group en
version rolling" >> /etc/cards.conf

If you don't know the shortcut of your language, rerun the command:

sudo bash
setup-nutyx -cl
We can now start the upgrade process:
sudo cards upgrade