Latest news 2020-10-16

NuTyX 12-beta4 available

I'm very please to annonce the new NuTyX 12-beta4 testing release. The 64-bit version is a complete new project. They are no plan to release a version 12 of NuTyX in 32 bits.

ISOs for download

We make a couple of ISO:
Available ISO list:
mate logo

The ISO contains a complete installation with a very customised MATE as graphical interface as default.

Install packages:

lxdm flcards make-ca mate zip unzip pciutils usbutils cups openssh gvfs dejavu-ttf firefox thunderbird gnome-disk-utility hplip gimp transmission cheese cherrytree deadbeef aisleriot hardinfo gnome-mahjongg inxi gawk htop rsync tar pigz lbzip2 xdg-user-dirs sound-theme-freedesktop nano network-manager-applet alsa-utils alsa-plugins ntfs-3g vlc fuse xorg-xdpyinfo lm-sensors gparted xorg-setxkbmap ntp ntp.service.

Approx. 1.3 GB
Xfce Logo
This ISO is optimise for NuTyX.

It contains the minimum for a good start on NuTyX, means a minimum set of packages so you can personalise your packages choice to install.

Install packages:

xfce4 flcards make-ca mousepad orage ristretto xfburn parole xfce4-terminal lxdm networkmanager gparted thunar firefox gvfs xdg-user-dirs network-manager-applet.

Approx. 1 GB
logo console

The ISO contains a basic system WITHOUT graphical installation. Make sure to remove dhcpcd package one you install networkmanager to avoid them to enter in conflict with each other.

Approx. 540 MB

What's new ?

With the up and coming release of the new NuTyX version. There has been a major development in the init system.

RuNyX, SysV or systemD as init system

NuTyX now comes with 3 init systems rolled into 1. So what that means is, the user can choose which init they wish to use, SysV, SystemD, or RuNyX (runit fork).

This makes for a wider User choice. The main base init will always be SysV. This means that RuNyX and SystemD packages can always be removed. This also means that the Sysinit package must remain install in all cases, as it is used by all 3 inits modes.

you have a choice at boot time on the conventional GRUB menu.

In the newest release, base NuTyX comes with the Long-Term Support (LTS) kernel 4.19.151 and the latest stable 5.9. Changelogs for the kernels are available here:

kernel 4.19.151 changelog

kernel 5.9 changelog

Software Core change


NuTyX propose now it's own init system call RuNyX. RuNyX is a fork of the Gerrit Pape runit project. We mainly added the missing components to make this init system working properly in all situations.

We also decide to use our own directory schema to be more consistant with the other init system. You should consult the documentation for more info.

sudo cards install
man runit


At first we want to take profit of systemd init and use systemd for the logind daemon, this was not working. After several tests, we could successfully make elogind working and replace completly the obsolet consolekit2 package.


Eudev package is now the eudev part of systemd project. It's working on all 3 inits and on the ISOs without problems.


Systemd comes by default with many modules. To make NuTyX still working and compatible as much as possible with todays rolling NuTyX version, some main modules have been disable:

Manual update procedure process

[Important] Since this is a major release, an upgrade is possible but need to be done manualy. At this stage of development, be aware that this manual manipulation might break your NuTyX installation. Do it at your own risk

You are welcome on the new Telegram channel to ask for support on this procedure.

Adjust the /etc/cards.conf

Add following line:

version testing
in /etc/cards.conf file

Upgrade your NuTyX

Start the upgrade process:

sudo cards upgrade

Remove dhcpcd if you are running networkmanager

To make systemd and runyx init system working properly, dhcpcd cannot be installed together with networkmanager. If your network is setup by networkmanager, do

sudo cards remove -a dhcpcd

Install systemd and runyx packages

Install the systemd and/or runyx packages depending what you like to test:

sudo cards install systemd runyx

Adjust your grub entries

To adjust a grub entries for example your 'NuTyX LTS Quiet' entry: Replace:

ro quiet verbose=no
init=/sbin/runit-init ro quiet verbose=no
for RuNyX OR
init=/sbin/systemd-init ro quiet verbose=no
for Systemd init.

Reboot your computer

You can now reboot your machine. Good luck with your upgrade procedure.

Old news

Old news is now available here.