Sat Oct 27 13:46:42 2018 UTC

Scenario A


You do not want to compile anything on your NuTyX system. However, if you want specific packages that are not included in the “binary collection”, you may need to reconsider your options. This scenario works perfectly if you want to do multiple NuTyX installations, and prefer the system to automatically carry out the entire installation on your behalf.

The /etc/cards.conf file

Check that:
  • All the binary collections are activated.
  • The architecture chosen for your machine is correct.
  • The correct language(s) for the machine have been selected.
  • The folder defining the base system was created.
The contents of a typical /etc/cards.conf file:
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/nos|
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/lxde-extra|
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/lxde|
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/mate-extra|
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/mate|
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/kde5-extra|
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/kde5|
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/xfce4-extra|
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/xfce4|
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/gui-extra|
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/gui|
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/cli-extra|
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/cli|
dir /var/lib/pkg/depot/base|
locale de
base /var/lib/pkg/depot/base

Here the 14 standard binary collections base, cli and cli-extra, gui and gui-extra, are activated, together with xfce4 and xfce4-extra, kde5 and kde5-extra, mate and mate-extra, lxde and lxde-extra and nos.

The language chosen for the installation is German (locale de); for English, you can ignore this line, as English is the default.

The command cards base -r can be used at any time used to return to your base system. Here the folders defined as containing the base packages are those corresponding to the standard base collection.

base /var/lib/pkg/depot/base

The /etc/pkgmk.conf file

In scenario A, the /etc/pkgmk.conf file is present but since you are not going to compile anything, it will not be used. Thus the development tools are not needed.


That's all you need to set up your NuTyX. To update your database and check for any available updates, use command:


Want to install a Internet browser package, use command:

get firefox

To delete a package:

del firefox

That's all there is to know Tongue out. I hope you'll get plenty of enjoyment using NuTyX.