Fri Aug 30 10:24:10 2019 UTC

Why should you contribute?

Today NuTyX has about 1,700 applications available in binary form. In one sense, that's a lot. But it really isn't when you consider that new programs are released on the net every day, many under open source licences.

It's clear that you will never see all these programs ready for installation on NuTyX. Just using the github web site, we can find more than 52,000,000 repositories for all platforms.

If you find the application of your dreams, you will have to find all the dependencies, compile it yourself, install it and make it work on NuTyX. That is why we are asking you to contribute a little bit. It is you who will build the package... if you want to of course.

Building an application is often something like:

  • Find an application not available in NuTyX.
  • Download the source code of the application.
  • Check the MD5SUM (strongly recommended but not always possible).
  • Extract sources into a working directory.
  • Enter this working directory.
  • Check that all the dependencies of the package are installed in NuTyX (otherwise the build will not succeed).
  • Type the three magic commands (in most cases; there are exceptions):
./configure --prefix=/usr
make install

The "make install" step must be carried out as root.

That's it! Your new program is built and installed on your NuTyX system.

That's one way to do it... but as you can see, there are a few disadvantages:

  • You do not know what files have been installed.
  • You cannot easily get information about the installed package such as its name, version, description, etc...
  • You cannot share the application with another NuTyX installation.
  • This method is tedious because it needs to be repeated whenever there is an update available.
  • Your NuTyX system is no longer really clean, since you have added files that are not tracked by the package manager.

NuTyX has nice tools to help you with the integration of new programs. You will be then able to track them and maintain them. The package manager will treat them like any other NuTyX packages.

I suggest you to have a look at the FAQ to get an idea about the compilation modus under NuTyX.

If you're ready, I invite you to follow the guide.