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NuTyX is a complete GNU/Linux distribution with high flexibility, thanks to the collections and the groups concepts.

We recommend that potential users first acquire some good knowledge about the GNU/Linux system.

Original concepts like 'install-nutyx' script, the independent GRUB installation procedure, the collections, the 'cards' package manager will trouble those with little GNU/Linux system experience.

It's an excellent operating system for people who want to commit themselves to developing their skills further and learning how a Linux system is put together.

NuTyX offers the MATE, LXDE, LXQt, Enlightenment, GNOME, KDE6 and XFCE graphical interfaces in binary form.

Detailed instructions are available online.

NuTyX uses its own package manager named CARDS.

It is up to you to decide whether to use the ports system, to compile and install your own source packages, or to be content with the binary packages that are natively integrated into the system.

It is inspired by the excellent Linux From Scratch documentation LFS and Behind Linux From Scratch documentation BLFS.

The 10 benefits of NuTyX

  1. You can install NuTyX from almost any other distribution, thanks to the BASH script named install-nutyx. This can be downloaded: study it carefully to see what it will do, then launch it from the host distribution. Briefly, the script will check for all the necessary tools, then start the download of a minimal set of packages and finally install them in the location you specified. Details and explanations can be found here.

  2. The hierarchical ports collection system provides maximum flexibility in managing software. Each collection is responsible for a set of functionnality. The base system, command lines applications and libraries, graphical interface and graphical libraries, all the desktops and non-graphicals or graphicals applications.

  3. A very simple method called porting allows you to download a recipe from our repositories. This recipe is very similar to the scripts used in CRUX, and is usually less than 10 lines long. It can also determine and apply all required Dependencies.

  4. It has the ability, once installed in a folder, to produce a personalized installable ISO version of NuTyX. The new live version can also be re-installed on other machines, should you so desire.

  5. It allows you to install a complete base binary package or a selection of individual base binaries packages. For example: devel, man, doc and lib.

  6. It has no need of a separate HDD or partition for your personal data. The NuTyX installer can install/re-install without formatting the target disk or partition.

  7. It has unique installation coding, which prevents the NuTyX installer from FORMATTING any already existing target partition. This means that NuTyX can be installed on a partition containing data: (for example) personal files and various non-system folders.

  8. It has a very powerful yet simple command, which allows you to revert to the base system and completely change the graphical user interface (for example from KDE to XFCE). This makes it unnecessary to reinstall or download every package again. The already downloaded packages will simply be reinstalled automatically, if still up to date.

  9. It has a totally unique package manager made of expandable modules, with no dependencies except glibc. One of its strong points is the ability to discover binary (run-time) dependencies automatically.

  10. It has the ability to compile all the packages properly per level in a dedicated chroot environment. After compilation, all the dependencies are again checked to make sure no broken links are found.