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Cards: The Package Manager
Extremely slow download speed
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Shutdown issues
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Beginner's User Guides on NuTyX

An overview of the distribution We tell you everything about the NuTyX philosophy. The influence of Linux From Scratch. The Cards package manager. The target audience of NuTyX. The organization of the project.
A little lexicon for NuTyX users All the terms used in the documentation are listed and explained in this little lexicon.
Automatic installation on a single partition This topic shows how to install NuTyX on a single partition which occupies the entire disk. The GRUB bootloader will be installed on the same partition. This article is designed so that you won't have to do too much thinking. The process is quite straightforward.
Full manual installation using a LIVE media This topic shows how to install NuTyX in a fully manual mode by using a network connection. GRUB will be the bootloader used. This method can be used if your hardware does have UEFI or BIOS mode. You can use any ISO for this.
Finish up your installation Installation of a graphical interface and a few useful tools to make your NuTyX really usable.
Base commands These few base commands will help you to manage your NuTyX system easily.

User's Guides

Configurations files of NuTyX You are looking for the location of your NuTyX configuration files. Look no further, they are all listed.
Setting up GRUB If you haven't installed GRUB yet (by mistake or on purpose), it's not too late. As you will see with a few screenshots, it's very simple to install GRUB as a separate task.
Change default boot kernel You want to install an LTS kernel instead of the latest stable kernel installed by default when installing your NuTyX. This article shows you the procedure.
Update the linux-firmware package You want to reduce the size of the linux-firmware package by only installing the firmware that concerns you. This article shows you the procedure.
Building an initrd You want to build an initrd for your LTS kernel. This article shows you the procedure.
Change the default init system You want to change the default init system. This article shows you the procedure. Follow the guide :) .
NuTyX manual of the 24.06 version NuTyX manual for Version 24.06. Here you will find everything you need to know about configuring and using your NuTyX system.
Update the distribution with upgrade-nutyx You want to use an automatic upgrade method. Go for it. Follow the guide :) .
Setup of an HTTP server This litte guide explains how to setup an HTTP server with NuTyX. An HTTP server can be usefull if we want to test some html pages on a real browser. If we want to create our own website localy accessible from home or why not make it public on the net.
Setup of a NFS server This little guide explains how to setup an NFS server on NuTyX. NFS gives you the possibility to share folders between linux computers. The only condition is that all the computers concerned should run NFS. We can say we are lucky - all the distributions support it.
Produce a customised ISO It's very easy to create a customised ISO image from a folder in an installed NuTyX system. This image can then be put on a disk or USB drive, and used to reinstall NuTyX if necessary. If you want, you can add a graphical interface too. It's up to you to add all the packages you want.
Config and start a virtual machine with QEMU It's very easy to create and use a virtual machine with QEMU. When you install QEMU on NuTyX, 2 very handy scripts can be used: configvm and startvm. Thoses scripts makes live so easy with QEMU.
Brief SysVinit overview A brief walkthrough on SysVinit. Describes runlevels and provides the bare essentials to aid a user in quickly understanding and managing their system.

Contributor's Guides

How to build a package ? This tutorial explains how to build a NuTyX package from scratch. We talk about the functionality (both basic and advanced) of the cards package manager.
Collections This article explains about the available collections and what's the concept behind them. It's very important for a packager to understand this original concept under NuTyX. Collections are organised in five different sets. Each set has a dedicated responsibility.
How to build your own packages in a chroot ? This article explains how to build your packages in an isolated environment.
The Pkgfile file This article gives all the details about a Pkgfile file.
System users and groups Reference table of system users and groups