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x86_64fixedbase gpm.service 1.20.7-6General Purpose Mouse: mouse server for the console and xterm.Thu Mar 21 19:05:07 2019
x86_64fixedbase iana-etc 2.30-1The Iana-Etc package provides data for network services and protocols.Fri Feb 22 19:49:22 2019
x86_64fixedbase iptables.service 1.8.2-1The principal firewall tool for Linux.Thu Mar 21 19:06:52 2019
x86_64fixedbase nfs-utils.service 2.2.1-2Userspace server and client tools necessary to use the kernel's NFS abilities.Thu Mar 21 19:09:35 2019
x86_64fixedbase openssh.service 7.9p1-2Free version of the SSH connectivity toolsThu Mar 21 19:08:01 2019
x86_64fixedbase rsync.service 3.1.3-2Synchronizing files over a network by sending just the differences in the files.Fri Feb 22 20:30:47 2019
x86_64fixedcli-extra dhcp.service 4.4.1-1The ISC DHCP package contains both the client and server programs for DHCP.Thu Mar 21 19:13:32 2019
x86_64fixedcli-extra haveged.service 1.9.4-1Daemon that generates an unpredictable stream of random numbers and feeds the /dev/randomThu Mar 21 19:19:56 2019
x86_64fixedcli-extra postfix.service 3.3.2-1Mail Transport Agent (MTA) for sending email to other users of your host machineThu Mar 21 19:18:36 2019
x86_64fixedcli-extra proftpd.service 1.3.6-3A secure and highly configurable FTP daemon for serving large file archives over a networkThu Mar 21 19:16:00 2019
x86_64fixedcli-extra redis.service 4.0.2-1Advanced key-value storeSat Feb 23 21:52:56 2019
x86_64fixedcli-extra stunnel.service 5.50-1Encrypt arbitrary TCP connections inside SSL so you can communicate over secure channelsThu Mar 21 19:12:56 2019
x86_64fixedcli-extra tor.service is a anonymous network and proxy.Sat Feb 23 21:49:49 2019
x86_64fixedcli-extra varnish.service 5.1.3-1Varnish is a web application accelerator.Sat Feb 23 22:06:35 2019
x86_64fixedcli-extra wgetpaste 2.28-1A script that automates pasting to a number of pastebin servicesSat Feb 23 21:49:45 2019
x86_64fixedcli acpid.service 2.0.31-1A completely flexible, totally extensible daemon for delivering ACPI events.Thu Mar 21 19:31:41 2019
x86_64fixedcli apache.service 2.4.38-1An open-source HTTP server for modern operating systems.Thu Mar 21 19:39:53 2019
x86_64fixedcli bind.service 9.13.7-1The BIND package includes the client side programs nslookup, dig and host.Thu Mar 21 19:32:27 2019
x86_64fixedcli cyrus-sasl.service 2.1.27-1Cyrus saslauthd SASL authentication daemonThu Mar 21 19:37:20 2019
x86_64fixedcli kerberos.service 1.17-1The Kerberos network authentication systemThu Mar 21 19:38:07 2019
x86_64fixedcli libssh 0.8.6-1Library for accessing ssh client services through C librariesSat Feb 23 14:59:47 2019
x86_64fixedcli mariadb.service 10.3.13-1MariaDB is a fork and a replacement for the MySQL relational database management system.Thu Mar 21 19:45:23 2019
x86_64fixedcli modemmanager 1.8.2-3Mobile broadband modem management service.Sat Feb 23 21:26:13 2019
x86_64fixedcli ntp.service 4.2.8p12-1Client and server to keep the time synchronized between various computers over a network.Thu Mar 21 19:34:10 2019
x86_64fixedcli pcsclite.service 1.8.24-1PC/SC Architecture smartcard middleware librarySat Feb 23 09:25:19 2019
x86_64fixedcli postgresql.service 11.2-1Advanced object-relational database management system (ORDBMS).Thu Mar 21 19:42:23 2019
x86_64fixedcli whois 5.4.0-1Client-side application which queries directory serviceFri Feb 22 23:04:56 2019
x86_64fixedgnome accountsservice 0.6.45-2Accessing the list of user accounts and information attached to those accounts.Sun Mar 3 16:58:08 2019
x86_64fixedgui-extra sendmail.service 8.15.2-3The sendmail package contains a Mail Transport Agent (MTA).Tue Feb 26 10:32:43 2019
x86_64fixedgui geoclue 0.12.0-3Modular geoinformation service built on the D-Bus messaging system.Sun Feb 24 19:55:36 2019
x86_64fixedgui geoclue2 2.5.2-1Modular geoinformation service built on the D-Bus messaging system.Sun Feb 24 19:46:33 2019
x86_64fixedgui gnome-online-accounts 3.30.2-1GNOME service to access online accountsMon Mar 11 19:06:56 2019
x86_64fixedgui gstreamer-editing-services 1.14.4-3GStreamer library for creating audio/video editorsSun Feb 24 16:05:31 2019
x86_64fixedgui libgdata 0.17.9-2GLib-based library for accessing online service APIs using the GData protocolMon Feb 25 10:49:09 2019
x86_64fixedgui librest 0.8.1-2Gives more easily access to internet services which says be 'RESTful'.Sun Feb 24 14:30:42 2019
x86_64fixedgui libsecret 0.18.7-1The libsecret package contains a GObject based library for accessing the Secret Service API.Sun Feb 24 13:05:24 2019
x86_64fixedgui lightdm.service 1.28.0-3Lightweight X11 Display Manager based on GtkThu Mar 21 20:24:21 2019
x86_64fixedgui obexd 0.48-1contains of services D-Bus bidder a function of client and of server OBEX.Sun Feb 24 11:42:13 2019
x86_64fixedgui samba.service 4.9.4-1SMB Fileserver and AD Domain serverThu Mar 21 20:14:02 2019
x86_64fixedgui uhttpmock 0.5.1-4The uhttpmock package contains a library for mocking web service APIs which use HTTP or HTTPSSun Feb 24 14:17:08 2019
x86_64fixedgui xorg-libfs 1.0.7-3libFS, library X Font Service clientSat Feb 23 22:04:45 2019
x86_64fixedkde5-extra kmailtransport 18.12.3-1Mail Transport Service Thu Mar 14 10:44:48 2019
x86_64fixedkde5-extra libkgapi 18.12.3-1A KDE-based library for accessing various Google services via their public API Thu Mar 14 10:30:17 2019
x86_64fixedkde5 attica 5.56.0-1Open Collaboration Services APIWed Mar 13 21:36:19 2019
x86_64fixedkde5 kded 5.56.0-1Extensible deamon for providing system level services Wed Mar 13 22:35:03 2019
x86_64fixedkde5 kservice 5.56.0-1Advanced plugin and service introspection Wed Mar 13 21:53:27 2019
x86_64fixednos dropbox 64.4.141-1A free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.Tue Mar 5 09:34:30 2019
x86_64fixednos spotify proprietary music streaming serviceTue Mar 5 11:54:08 2019
x86_64fixednos zoom 2.7.162522.0121-1Video Conferencing and Web Conferencing ServiceTue Mar 5 11:47:53 2019
x86_64fixedxfce4 tumbler 0.2.0-2D-Bus service for applications to request thumbnailsTue Feb 26 08:56:00 2019